Carolyn Schulz is a freelance craft designer, teacher and businesswoman. Her experience ranges from scrapbooking to Christmas decorations and over the last 20 years, Carolyn has focused her attention on jewellery design.

Working in both the British and American market for over 30 years, she has edited 3 popular craft magazines, and is currently authoring a fourth book. A former board member of an international trade organization, the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association), for 6 years, she received the President’s Award for service to the industry.

Her designs are widely used by magazines, retailers, manufacturers and television in the UK and US. She loves to share her talent in the form of teaching classes and has been a familiar face on QVC in the UK.

This website is a showcase of Carolyn’s current work, and her latest way of sharing with others her lifetime passion. It is hoped that the reader may be inspired to create beautiful jewellery, and will learn the techniques required to do so.

If you wish to contact Carolyn about future projects, or have any questions/comments, please feel free use the contact page.

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12 thoughts on “About

  1. hi there I was watching a recording a did of qvc with ure show and i thought you were very inspirational !! I was trying to find the bracelet u created using stretch elastic and beading with coiling down but i cant find it ? Do u think u will be able to find a link please??? thanks u xx

    • Hi Tracey,
      I am not that computer literate – and so it is taking me time to work this whole thing out. I hope to post instructions and even videos for making the ChaCha bracelet. Bear with me and I will get it done when I can. Thanks for watching and keep checking back!

  2. I have just received my Shambala Bracelet Kit from QVC and made my first bracelet last night. Very impressed! BUT…where can I get refills of the cord. Which type is best, and what sizes should I go for. There seem to be lots on the internet, but which do i choose? My husband even let me buy some more beads at our local craft store, so that I can make him a bracelet too!

    • Sorry for the delay in replying – I didn’t know there were any messages and just found them by accident!
      You can get more cord and beads from http://www.bijouxbyme.co.uk
      There are some amazing new beads coming in the weeks ahead so keep checking.
      Meanwhile, I have a video on YouTube on how to make Shamballa bracelets. Let me know how you get on!

  3. Hi Carolyn, I recently bought your bijoux byme shambala secret friendship bracelet making kit and I was wondering how much of the two thicknesses of the woven nylon cord I would need to measure out to make a bracelet only using one or three beads instead of making one with nine on, hope your able to help me out.

    Many Thanks

    Julie Simpson

    • Hi Julie,
      I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I am a bit challenged when it comes to all this social media. Once I have been shown what to do, I usually can do it but I didn’t know I had to check for messages!!
      The answer to your question is that the thin cord would remain the same – about 40cm. The thick cord, I think 2m would work but maybe try one with 2.5 or 2.25m and then if there is lots left, reduce the length the next time.
      Hope that helps. Let me know how you get on.
      Good luck,

  4. Hi Carolyn,
    I’ve so enjoyed watching your shows on QVC but somehow I’ve missed you making the Shamballa friendship bracelet. As I purchased the kit I was wondering when you were back or have you any plans to do a video on your blog re how to do it? I’d love to get to one of your classes but it’s not so easy to get to London so I’m living for your appearances on QVC!!

  5. Hi could you tell me when you are next on QVC discovered beading whilst I was on holiday in Canada although it is a big thing over there does not seem to be here. Difficulty in finding any classes in the Reading area. Could you tell me if there is anything for basic beginners that I could follow.

  6. Hello, just wanted to say I’m in awe of what you’ve done Carolyn and if I could be even a tenth as successful as you I’d be one happy bunny! Ha anyway, I’ll look out for your face on QVC. If you ever get chance, please stop by my website and let me know what you think. Kerry

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